Coalition here to stay?

I suppose today’s revelation that a very senior Tory, close to Dave, thinks that coalition is the way forward and that the next election should be fought on that basis.  Common sense in the new political climate, or political expediency, based on a megalomaniac’s view that, it doesn’t matter how you stay in power, just as long as you make sure you do?

I could say a lot more about the issue of a coalition with the LibDems, but then I thought I would Google the following question, ‘What colour do you get if you mix blue and orange?

One of the answers that came back says it all really.
‘Nothing.  Blue is a primary colour. Orange is a mixture of Red and Yellow. Any pigment you add to orange will likely result in a brownish mess.’  Come to think of it, isn’t that the problem the last lot had?

Vince Cable – Fool or Knave?

As somebody who also has to meet with local people and discuss sensitive issues, I am completely dumbfounded by the extraordinary level of hypocrisy Vince Cable has displayed in his response to being caught out.

Having been caught red-handed, shooting his mouth off, he is now crying foul and claiming that this has damaged ‘his work’.

No Mr Cable, what has damaged your work is your ego.  Having found himself in a position he could never have dreamt of under normal circumstances, he has become drunk with the power of it all.

According to the Right Honourable (really?) Vince Cable, it should be perfectly acceptable to spout this sort of sedition to genuine political supporters, because it’s a sign of candour and honesty! Or does he mean, as long as you don’t get caught?

Unfortunately, not only does he undermine the standing of MPs by such behaviour, he also reinforces the suspicions of the public when it comes to all politicians, including minnows like me!  Shame on you Mr Cable – get thee behind me knave!

Grantham MP Nick Boles calls for chaos in local government planning

Various commentators seem to place their own emphasis on the meaning of ‘planning’ in the Boles statement.  However, I understand he used an example of a restaurant springing up and then disappearing when nobody wanted it any more and suggesting that this was the ideal model for how things should be done.

I could suggest that these are the words of a shallow thinking, headline grabbing fool (a trait obviously required of those in government these days, given the performances of Pickles and co), but as it’s Christmas, I will try to be more measured in my comments and ask him a question in the form of a letter.

Dear Mr Boles MP,

I understand that you support a chaotic planning system and in particular, restaurants.  Therefore, could I please get your personal support for my proposal to open a fast food outlet, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  and everyday of the year.  The ideal location would be in a dwelling, either next door or, directly opposite the one occupied by you for most of the year.

I would appreciate your assurance that you would not be flipping out of this accommodation in the near future, as this will avoid any potential conflicts with the subsequent occupiers.

I look forward to receiving details of your home address and a letter of support for my proposal, by return.

Yours truly,

Mr. B. A. D. Neighbour