Growing children and trees together

I went to St Bartholomew’s Primary School in West Pinchbeck today, to support Richard Knock, our grounds maintenance magician (he regularly pulls rabbits from hats) in a project he’s started. 

The idea is to give a local school a number of trees, over 25 in this case, for pupils to adopt and care for.  As the child grows so does their tree and they keep a record of it.  Just like the child, when the tree is mature enough it will be moved out of the school to takes its place in the community, where the youngster can continue to keep an eye on it.

In the ideal world, both the child and the tree will grow up together and become an intergral part of our community.  Can you imagine how much fun they will get from pointing to a 40 or 50 ft (sorry, 12 to 18 mt) tree and telling their own children they grew it!

Of course the children have to accept that their tree might not survive the rigours of life, as many of our local trees suffer from mindless vandlism – but that would also be a lesson in life for the youngster and might just help one or two to stay on the straight and narrow themselves.

I wish them all well – children and trees.  Well done Richard!  By the way, good luck with those Latin names kids!

No money = no more waste!

Had a light bulb moment this morning after reading yet another newspaper item on how the government has come up with yet another way to throw our money at the wind energy industry.

Apparently they are thinking of paying Ireland to use some of their waterspace to build even more of these useless monstrosities. Huhne and Hendry have come up with this latest scatterbrain idea in pursuit of the ludicrous commitment we made to the EU of 32% of our electricity from renewables within 9 years. It doesn’t seem to matter how many people raise concerns, nor how often we read about the hopeless performance of wind turbines – when the wind doesn’t blow fossil fuels kick in and when the wind does blow, but we don’t need the energy, we pay the companies a fortune to turn them off – our democratically elected leaders continue to throw our money at these things.

My light bulb moment came when I realised that those countries currently struggling with sovereign debt, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, would almost certainly have stopped subsidising things such as wind turbines by now. Likewise, they would also have stopped throwing money at foreign countries, via an overseas aid programme. Britain gives billions of £s to India even though that country is building its own nuclear weapons program, has a space programme to put an India in space and gives money to African countries via its own overseas aid programme!

Are we as taxpayers completely insane in putting up with these wasteful practices, perpetrated by those who were elected to represent our interests, whilst at the same time cutting back on everything in sight?

My lightbulb moment by the way – join the Euro as quickly as possible and become one of the PIGS. I don’t think you’ll find Greece throwing money at the wind energy industry or giving India hundreds of millions of Greek Euros do you?

Beware the Bishop’s mind set

Following on from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s outburst at what he sees as the unfairness of the government’s attempts to get the economy back on track, I offer the following sweeping statement.

The wide spread introduction of the voluntary sector, in to the delivery of public services, will inevitably lead to left leaning, liberal views ‘infecting’ these services and will inflict the same long term damage to those services as happened to our education system when such like minded people took control of that some 40 plus years ago.