Grantham MP Nick Boles calls for chaos in local government planning

Various commentators seem to place their own emphasis on the meaning of ‘planning’ in the Boles statement.  However, I understand he used an example of a restaurant springing up and then disappearing when nobody wanted it any more and suggesting that this was the ideal model for how things should be done.

I could suggest that these are the words of a shallow thinking, headline grabbing fool (a trait obviously required of those in government these days, given the performances of Pickles and co), but as it’s Christmas, I will try to be more measured in my comments and ask him a question in the form of a letter.

Dear Mr Boles MP,

I understand that you support a chaotic planning system and in particular, restaurants.  Therefore, could I please get your personal support for my proposal to open a fast food outlet, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  and everyday of the year.  The ideal location would be in a dwelling, either next door or, directly opposite the one occupied by you for most of the year.

I would appreciate your assurance that you would not be flipping out of this accommodation in the near future, as this will avoid any potential conflicts with the subsequent occupiers.

I look forward to receiving details of your home address and a letter of support for my proposal, by return.

Yours truly,

Mr. B. A. D. Neighbour

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