Vince Cable – Fool or Knave?

As somebody who also has to meet with local people and discuss sensitive issues, I am completely dumbfounded by the extraordinary level of hypocrisy Vince Cable has displayed in his response to being caught out.

Having been caught red-handed, shooting his mouth off, he is now crying foul and claiming that this has damaged ‘his work’.

No Mr Cable, what has damaged your work is your ego.  Having found himself in a position he could never have dreamt of under normal circumstances, he has become drunk with the power of it all.

According to the Right Honourable (really?) Vince Cable, it should be perfectly acceptable to spout this sort of sedition to genuine political supporters, because it’s a sign of candour and honesty! Or does he mean, as long as you don’t get caught?

Unfortunately, not only does he undermine the standing of MPs by such behaviour, he also reinforces the suspicions of the public when it comes to all politicians, including minnows like me!  Shame on you Mr Cable – get thee behind me knave!

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