Opposition, what opposition?

I am very probably tempting fate with this entry and the skies will open tomorrow and a veritable avalanche of opposition campaigning will fall on my head! 

That are now only 17 days to go until polling day and there’s still no sign or sound of the opposition.  That of course, from my point of view, could be seen as a good thing. 

The flip side of my current good fortune is that the voters of Spalding Wygate don’t get a chance to hear how somebody else might think that they could do a better job of representing them than I have over the last 12 years.  They could also find themselves wondering what the point of voting was, when they have no way of comparing the candidates.  There is of course always the protest vote, or as one non-admirer put it, ‘I wouldn’t vote for you, even if the other bloke was a house brick!’ (I think he was upset about a planning application).

The other disappointment is, that if the opposition is what they call a paper candidate and has no intention of mounting any sort of election campaign, then he has given the electorate the false hope that they might be given an opportunity to make a choice.  Added to that, he’s also cost local taxpayer unneccesary expense, by requiring the district council to open a polling station in Spalding Wygate on 5th May.  Fingers crossed I’m right!!  Don’t forget to vote YES to Conservative and NO to AV on 5th May by the way!

To read more about the Spalding Wygate ward and the Conservative group go to:   http://southhollanddcconservativegroup.co.uk/3818/welcome

Disappointing litter pick

Disappointing because it needed doing again and because of the huge amount of disgarded alcohol bottles in one very small corner of the open space at Claudette Avenue.  

Disgarded bottles in the play park at Claudette Ave

The bottles are yet to be cleared as they need a bit more than a plastic bag – bring on the wheel barrow tomorrow morning.  
I’ve already collected three large bags of other rubbish and have only covered one side of the road from Wintergold to just past the Claudette Ave open space.
Sunday morning will also be spent clearing a large deposit of household refuse that looks as though somebody couldn’t be bothered to wait for the weekly (not fortnightly) refuse collection and just threw it over their garden fence – unbelievable!
I also need to organise a dedicated cleanup of one corner of the open space at Claudette Ave due to the large amount of rubbish that has been dumped there.  Again, I find it unbelievable that people who live in our community find it acceptable to soil it in this way – messing on your own doorstep and all that!
Anybody who would like to help with litter picks please get in touch.  
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Network Rail – not our job guv!

Having tried and failed to get Network Rail to actually do something with the sub-standard Stepping Stones Bridge they dumped on Spalding last year, it now seems that the one solitary light that serves the bridge is the responsibility of the Lincolnshire County Council Highways Dept, even though the lamp-post itself is inside the Network Rail fence.  Likewise, even though the bridge’s top walk way floods and freezes in the cold weather, or just simply floods in the rain, this is again the county council’s problem not Network Rails!

So, as well as all the potholes around the district, county highways will have to add Stepping Stones Bridge Spalding to their list of things that need sorting even though their budget keeps getting smaller.  Meanwhile, Network Rail can smugly continue to do things we don’t want them to do and then pass the buck when it starts to cause a problem!

Meanwhile, Bill Bryson the Anglophile American, who now resides in England and leads the Campaign To Protect Rural England (CPRE), has come up with a bright idea on how to kick organisations such as Network Rail, when they ignore their duty to keep their house in order.  Something called a Litter Abatement Order appears to be a good tool for the job according to Bill and although it’s all a bit tedious to do, the simple threat of doing it can have the desired effect.


I will be taking this to the next meeting of the Spalding town Forum to see what they think about threatening to use these on some of our more uncooperative companies.

Pinchbeck Road/Woolram Wygate junction

The County Council Highways Dept has agreed with the two developers that they would issue the necessary Orders themselves, rather that the highways dept, directly to the various Utility Companies (water, gas, electricity, telephone) for the works required to relocate or protect their underground services, mainly on Woolram Wygate.

The two developers delayed the issue of those Orders until they had their planning permissions in place, which was understandable, as any delay in gaining planning permission would probably have meant that any Orders that were already in place would of run out of their time limit.  The successful outcome for the applications at the Development Control Committee meeting on 5 January 2011,  means that both developers have now commenced arrangements for the issue of the Orders.

A programme period for the work required once the services are moved etc, has been produced, but the start point for this will depend on when the Utilities works are completed.

Initially, it was hoped that all the Utilities works would be finished before the 2011 Flower Parade, so that the remaining works could start soon after the Flower Parade.  However, this may need to be revised, dependant upon the requirements and constraints of the Utility Companies and how the remaining work can be fed in to work schedule of the County council’s road works contractor.

Check out the Conservative group website for more news about Spalding Wygate ward http://southhollanddcconservativegroup.co.uk/3818/welcome