Little London Bridge

Mock-up of London Road Bridge twinned

Whilst idling my time away on the sick list, I’ve been playing around with a few ideas for the ongoing problem of the junction at Little London, where London Road meets Cradge Bank. I’m sure the locals have a name for it, but I can never recall it! (If you’re a road map nerd, it’s the B1172!).

This should be a pretty straightforward crossroads, but a combination of the adjacent bridge, the very well used Hawthorn Bank close by and the busy BP garage almost opposite, make it a driver’s nigthtmare at busy times of the day. This is one of the major routes in and out of Spalding and given the new A16 to Peterborough, it can only get worse.

Looking at the road layout, courtesy of Google Maps, it’s obvious that it would take a bit more than a bit of adjustment to the road layout and nobody in Spalding would wish to see yet another set of traffic lights installed! At the other end of Spalding and crossing the same river, is a bridge known locally as twin bridges, so why not do the same at Little London? See the photo.

Pinchbeck Road/Woolram Wygate junction

The County Council Highways Dept has agreed with the two developers that they would issue the necessary Orders themselves, rather that the highways dept, directly to the various Utility Companies (water, gas, electricity, telephone) for the works required to relocate or protect their underground services, mainly on Woolram Wygate.

The two developers delayed the issue of those Orders until they had their planning permissions in place, which was understandable, as any delay in gaining planning permission would probably have meant that any Orders that were already in place would of run out of their time limit.  The successful outcome for the applications at the Development Control Committee meeting on 5 January 2011,  means that both developers have now commenced arrangements for the issue of the Orders.

A programme period for the work required once the services are moved etc, has been produced, but the start point for this will depend on when the Utilities works are completed.

Initially, it was hoped that all the Utilities works would be finished before the 2011 Flower Parade, so that the remaining works could start soon after the Flower Parade.  However, this may need to be revised, dependant upon the requirements and constraints of the Utility Companies and how the remaining work can be fed in to work schedule of the County council’s road works contractor.

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