Oh you poor dears, all those annoying noisy people risking their lives, training to defend your lovey comfortable way of life

Village that saw off zip wire ride now takes on the noisy SAS

Residents of a village claim helicopters bringing SAS troops to an activity centre are ruining their peace, in the wake of successfully fighting off plans for a zip wire they feared would attract screaming thrill-seekers.
Plans for a new zip wire at the National Diving and Activity Centre, which already houses one of the longest in the country, were withdrawn after locals in Tidenham, Glocs, complained about the “woo-hooing” from the existing attraction. They have now picked a fight with the military, saying Chinook helicopters that bring soldiers from an nearby SAS base are ruining the enjoyment of their gardens.
Gethyn Davies, a local councillor, said the sound of the 100ft-long, twin rotor choppers coming and going was too much for residents in the Wye Valley village, where properties can sell for around £1 million.
Noise from the Chinooks, which can carry up 55 troops at a time, is compounded by smaller helicopters bringing members of the Rifles regiment from Beachley barracks at Sedbury, he said.
He urged councillors to visit the site on days when the SAS troops arrive to train at the activity centre, which is regularly used by the 999 emergency services and search and rescue groups.
He said: “I live in Tutshill and sometimes when the Chinooks are flying up the River Wye they are so close to my home I can look in and see the pilot.
“These Chinooks are massive and if you are in the garden having a BBQ or a glass of wine the noise and vibrations from them can be terrific.”
Supporters say the diving centre on the A48 between Lydney and Chepstow provides jobs, attracts visitors from all over the country and helps people raise money for charity.
The Diving Centre has refused to comment on the row over the zip wire.

One thought on “Oh you poor dears, all those annoying noisy people risking their lives, training to defend your lovey comfortable way of life

  1. Come on Roger play fair.
    It is well known in the upper circles that wine is susceptible to helicopter tremors


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