Why Pickles Redefinition of ‘Travellers’ Will Create a Far Worse Enforcement Problem

It won’t and it can’t work!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Travellers Times

SoS Pickles has decreed that Gypsy and Traveller people will, in the very near future, have to prove that they ‘travel’ for two months every year in order to qualify to own or occupy a ‘traveller pitch’ (lower case t courtesy of CLG).

Okay Mr Pickles that really stings.  We know your feelings were hurt when the court identified that that you had discriminated against people according to their race and denied them timely justice.  But really?  Do so many communities in the UK need to experience an increase in un-authorised encampments, made up of people having to prove that they really, really are a Gypsy (oops sorry, I mean traveller) in order to qualify for Mr Pickles dubious beneficence?

According to Mr Pickles’ new definition most of the people currently living, in relative contentment, on Gypsy sites (publicly or privately owned) may not qualify to be there…

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