Ministers – A Dozen Reasons Why Local Plans Take Geological Time

Very insightful analysis, that should be read by all those who continue to criticise the under resourced planning policy teams that are chasing DCLG’s constantly moving targets.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

A recap

Last week Keith Holland of PINS – (so well known for his indiscretion that one Essex Authority invited him to do a presentation to members just so they could film it and send it to Eric Pickles and say – look this is your real Green Belt policy) said:

I think ministers are losing patience with planning,” 

“They wonder ‘why is it taking so long for local plans to be put in place?’

They would appear to have lost patience already after Brandon Lewis in November last year quieter deliberately stressed that local plans are entirely optional.

The number of submitted plans is slowing to a crawl, and if the number of newly adopted plans each year is likely soon to be in single figures.  More plans have been published in draft (the only stat the DCLG mention in speeches) but not getting any further…

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