Threat of revolt wins Tory shires more money

Copied from Sunday Telegraph 20 Jan 2013
By Patrick Hennessy, Political Editor

MINISTERS have backed down and promised more money after a revolt by shire Tories against “grossly unfair” cuts in local government spending.
A group of about 120 councils, mostly Conservative-controlled, warned Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, that reductions in spending announced last month would “crucify” rural communities.
The group was considering bringing a judicial review against Mr Pickles’s settlement, which it said would see “predominantly rural” councils receive 3.81 per cent less from central government compared with cuts of 2.05 per cent for urban councils.
Andrew Lansley, the Commons Leader, has signalled that a “correction” will be applied to next year’s spending figures.
Mr Lansley said the difference between spending on urban and rural councils was a “matter of concern”.

2 thoughts on “Threat of revolt wins Tory shires more money

  1. I have always wondered as to why the more efficiently serviced urban taxpayer should subsidise the chosen lifestyles of the rural taxpayer. Costs a fortune to service the rural communities.


    • Very surprised to see such as response from somebody who both lives in a rural area and intends standing as a representative for a rural community.

      Are you saying that those, who by accident of birth, who live outside of large urban conurbations, should be left to manage with reduced services? Do you have a vision of the workforce living in massive high rise estates, in the cheaper areas of our cities and being transported into the countryside to produce your food?


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