Time to choose Dave

Rather than being seen as a failure for David Cameron’s government, the recent outbreaks of criminal behaviour across England, could actually be seen as a confirmation of his Big Society vision. Unfortunately, unless he is able to back this vision up with money, that’s all it will remain – a vision.

However, things have gone too far and the damage has already been done to several generations. It’s a racing certainty that a number of those carrying out criminal activites in recent days, will be parents in some form or another. Even if only in the same way a feral dog becomes a parent by spawning with any willing bitch it comes across. The only way to deal with these people is initially via the justice system, but not just by a police caution, a supervision order, or an ASBO. If you can’t alter the way these people think and act, then all you are doing is using a sticking plaster on a stab wound that needs major surgery.

David Cameron now needs to acknowledge that his policy of throwing money at the overseas aid budget is not an acceptable thing to do whilst London and other cities are burning. Until he has sufficient cash in the bank to do both, he needs to prioritise fixing what is wrong within our own borders, before he continues to try to fix what’s wrong in the rest of the world.

First priority should be to take back control of the streets, but not by using Theresa May’s approach of permissive policing. More police on the streets, a court system applying swifter and harsher justice and a genuine attempt to prevent repeat offending.

The next priority and this is where Dave’s Big Society comes in, is to prevent another lost generation being created. However, unless David Cameron is prepared to accept that this cannot wait for the government’s finances to be healthy enough to support all of his pet projects, I fear the recent unrest will be repeated again and again.

“Get-out clause” built into Huhne’s emissions targets

The smallest glimmer of common sense has finally emerged in what is otherwise a ridiculous piece of ‘green’ posturing by the coalition government.  To quote:

“The Government has inserted a get-out clause in its climate change plan which will allow it to scrap a new emissions target within three years if other European countries fail to take similar action.  Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, said he was adopting the recommendation by the Committee on Climate Change for emissions to be halved by 2025 compared with 1990 levels.  However, he said that the Government would hold a review in early 2014 and would adjust the target in line with “the actual EU trajectory”.”

However, I have a suspicion that if we (the public) take our eye of this particular ball, the review will be no more than a publicity stunt and we will continue to pursue these damaging targets, whilst the rest of Europe and the world laughs at us behind their collective hands.

I fully support policies that seek to reverse the damage being done to the environment by the way man and womankind mis-use and often abuses planet Earth, even to the point where I am about to take on the portfolio for carbon reduction.  However, our goverment’s massively expensive pursuit of unrealistic carbon reduction figures, whilst just about every other major industrial country continues to pay lip service to the issue, is not just globally insignificant, it is potentially highly damaging to this country’s economy.

What we needas a start point, is a ministerial letter, like the one Liam Fox wrote to the Prime Minister regarding the Overseas Aid budget commitment, demanding that he GETS REAL!

Speaking of which, I see in today’s press that an un-named government minister has criticised Liam Fox for going public on the issue of the Overseas Aid budget.  I share Liam Foxe’s frustration on this subject and I wouldn’t mind betting that he has already tried to make his point behind closed doors, but that until now, just like the rest of us, has been completely ignored.  Is it really the case that our politicians only care about public opinion when the ballot boxes are being dusted off and the rest of the time they treat us like children who need to be told by the adults inWestminsterwhat is best for us?   

I wonder if David Cameron will now do the British public the honour of explaining his policy of pouring money in to the coffers of foreign governments, whilst his own people face many years of austerity, rising prices and zero wage increases.