John Redwood MP sings, ‘I like to be in America’

How disappointing to see a seasoned MP such as John Redwood, not content with just falling over himself to kiss the collective backsides of the good ol’ US of A, despite their major involvement in the world wide recession and the crap we inherit from them, such as gang culture, reality TV shows, skyscrapers, fast food – the list goes on and on, he then adopts the practices of the playground, by ignoring the comparisons being made between the UK and Germany and saying, ‘well Norway and Switzerland are better than all of them, so there!’.
I didn’t find it to be a wholesale endorsement of the German way of doing things, just a reasonable comparison of the differences between the two countries, both good and bad. Yes, the Germans are more productive, but they haven’t had any pay increases above inflation for 20 years. Excellent child care facilities cost a fraction of the cost of lower quality facilities here, but German women feel obliged to be stay at home mums, with little or no career prospects. Workers are more committed to their company and its success, because they share in the profits and work as a team – there’s no but to that one!
The Germans don’t seem to have a problem with private rented properties as being the most effective way to house the masses, rather than encouraging people to saddle themselves with a lifetime of debt.
Hands up all those who’d like to be American… Can you hold them up a bit higher, I can’t see any hands from here.

Newspapers desperate to make the link

Desperation reporting is what I call it. Having failed to connect the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik with any extremist groups in the UK, the press is now using his eBay purchases to make the connection. Particularly pathetic is the sighting of a DIY tool, that I recognise as the same as one I own – it’s a small hand vice used to hold small items on a pillar drill. The fact that this lunatic used it to hold bullets, is hardly the fault of the Sheffield tool store that sold it to him via eBay and falls a very long way short of a clear link to Britain. What next in this desperate search? Will we be told he was wearing underpants bought from a well known UK high street name?