May says we’ve changed, Maude suggests not

Theresa May is making a valiant effort to shift the public’s view of the Tory Party, by being brave enough to go on the record, saying that the Party has changed and is no longer, ‘the nasty party’.

Unfortunately, Francis Maude seems hellbent on dispelling that view by laying in to the National Trust and by inference it’s many hundreds of thousands of supporters, including many Tories no doubt.

If you can’t bring yourself to read all of this pompous blurb, I’ve repeated the relevant section below.

‘………. Then, in the next breath, he is vowing to take on the unions, accusing the National Trust of peddling “bollocks” about planning reforms,……’

Time to target MPs on the NPPF

With the likes of Francis Maude thinking he can say what he likes about those have the temerity to challenge the National Planning Policy Framework CONSULTATION document, perhaps the emphasis should now shift towards individual MPs.
Members of those organisations currently being slated by various CLG ministers and others who should know better, should now start filling their MP’s postbags with letters of protest at the intemperate and now insulting language being used against those who are exercise their democratic right to comment on a government policy document that is, after all, only out for consultation.
That is of course unless the consultation exercise is actually nothing but, to quote Francis Maude, the new foul-mouthed fishwife of Westminster, ‘bollocks’.

An American abroad

Notwithstanding his role as the president of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE), Bill Bryson speaks with great wisdom on the potential damage the NPPF could do to the English landscape.

If government ministers won’t listen to its own people – Francis Maude, a supposedly clever man at the heart of government, describing their concerns as ‘bollocks’ – perhaps they will listen to an American, who has personal knowledge of the damage done to his country through uncontrolled development.

Quango bonfire’ extinguished as thousands join state payroll

It would appear that the world of ‘Yes Minister’ is still alive and well in Whitehall. According to todays’ newspapers:

‘More than 4,500 bureaucrats have been recruited by government departments since the election. The recruits outnumber those made redundant by three to one. At least 40 civil servants have been hired on salaries exceeding £150,000 per year in the past twelve months.’

Whilst at the local level at he behest of the likes of Eric Pickles, we have been busy enthusiastically decimating local government, Whitehall has been continuing to keep their nest well feathered, recruiting as many to their ranks as possible. Francis Maude has been conned by civil servants, who have many years of experience in pulling the wool over the politicians’ eyes, is running around telling everybody the government has cut £3.5 billion through increased efficiencies and cutting waste. All I can say to that is, ‘show me the money!’.

Even if that number is true, other ministers are busy finding ways to spend it on the overseas aid budget, so none of us will see the benefit. It would appear that charity no longer begins at home!