The Progressiveness of ‘As of Right’ Zoning

Thank for this Andrew. It helps sweep away some of the hysteria and replaces it with fact, knowledges and experience. Something desperately needed by us amateurs in respect of these proposals. I have major concerns at the references to comments from, what I assume is Policy Exchange. Such as, the suggestion that excluding the public from the consultation process on new style Local Plans, will help in meeting the 30 month deadline.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

As I have written on here many times in the last few weeks the government only has itself to blame in terms of importance and mistrust for creating a climate of opposition to the planning white paper.

Chief amongst the complaint is that the reforms are ‘anti democratic’ in reducing the chances to ‘object’ to a proposal from two to one.

The irony is that most progressive opinion in the world is that ‘existing’ zoning systems give too much of an opportunity to resist densification through site specific objection and this is excluding groups in terms of race and income.

This illustrates a number of fundmanetal misinderstandings of what zoning is and is not.

  1. Zoning is not Planning Control

The first modern planning controls – such as in Prussia, were controls over street alignments, subdivision, build to lines and infrastructure. Zoning – in terms of control over land use, came…

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