Local Authorities Doing Land Capture – Great but not Easy or Risk Free

Surely it’s never a great idea for such a radical scheme to be used in a piecemeal fashion? Government needs to demonstrates some real leadership and offers some national guidelines and a framework for this. Otherwise, councils are likely to see themselves being shunned by those wishing to develop, but only under the old rules of the game.
Indeed, would it not be better if all development was required to be delivered in this way nationally?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

This election will be the first in which all major parties propose some form of land capture in the housing market.  It is also historic in the sense that the generational interests of boomers owning homes are deemed less important than millennials shut out of the housing market.  The Conservative Party in particular no longer the ‘alliance of landed and business interests’ that Peel founded, landed interests take a back seat.

The Conservative proposal is essentially the same approach adopted in most European Countries such as the Netherlands, France and Germany, as well as in China and Singapore.  Local authorities buy land at close to existing use value, parcel it up some for social housing some for sale to housebuilders.  Housebuilders become more like car builders than land speculators.

Although this, at least in high value areas, can at a stroke resolve and replace the complications of CIL and planning gain…

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