Seize the day, the country and then the government

C20140604-134217-49337777.jpgCarpe diem* as they say and this is certainly what the Labour Party and their financial backers, the trade unions, appear to be doing.

With a Conservative controlled government, sitting on a slim majority and seething with rebellious ‘Remainers’, both open and hidden, the unions have decided to kick off at one of the most sensitive times of the year.

More specifically, they’ve chosen some of their most militant elements, ASLF, along with the RMT, to lead the charge, in arguably the most politically sensitive part of the country.

With the government’s eye firmly off of the ball and clearly distracted by their internal turmoils and the secretive Brexit preparations – and probably Boris Johnson – the Labour Party and their urban guerrillas, their union members, have indeed seized the day.

Regrettably, at this point in time, Theresa May doesn’t seem to have the stomach for the sort of stand we saw Margaret Thatcher take in the 80’s. I’m not suggesting the sort of confrontation we saw in the miners’ strikes, that was Scargill’s doing, but her current stance seems untenable.

If May doesn’t focus on these internal issues and park the whole Brexit diversion until these are dealt with, Labour and its foot soldiers will undoubtedly feel emboldened. They will also see this as the perfect start to their campaign for a return in May 2020 to what was, at one time seemed an impossibility, a Jeremy Corbin led Labour Government.

*A Latin aphorism, usually translated “seize the day”, taken from book 1 of the Roman poet Horace’s work Odes (23 BC).

Just to complete my paranoid episode, I might even postulate the following scenario. The Remainers, no matter their political persuasion, are so incensed at the potential loss of the EU comfort blanket, they are prepared to line up behind those seeking to undermine Brexit at all costs and even against the government that has made a commitment to deliver it.

The theory behind this is as follows. If the UK did stay in the EU, its tentacles would continue to creep into every crack of our constitution and daily life, as the ambition to form an all encompassing European superstate became a reality.

As such, the colour of the particular party running individual member states would have little, or no impact on the big picture.  All the important decisions would be taken by Brussels and the faceless, unaccountable, supposedly elected ones, fortunate enough to be riding on that much bigger gravy train.

It’s possible that even a system of government, where socialism and workers rights are so well entrenched, but supposedly not out of control, is more palatable than the prospect of going it alone on the world stage.

As such, even some of the most right wing in the Conservative Party, are more wedded to the EU superstate than the UK as a sovereign state. So who knows how far my paranoia could take me with this conspiracy theory?

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