Is this MP’s comment accurate? Or is he really just clueless?

My reason for the title of this piece, is the paragraph highlighted in bold.  It suggests that Lincolnshire has a unique system when it comes to the election of its county councillors.  Unlike everywhere else in the country that holds local government elections, with an individual standing in a defined location, it would seem that Mr McCartney thinks that this doesn’t happen in Lincolnshire.

He seems to think that it’s like the MPs, police and crime commissioners, the London mayor and no doubt mayors elected through devo deals.  Selected people are parachuted in to fight the election, based on their party politics, not their personal connection with the area they wish to represent.  Is he really that clueless, or does he know something the rest of us don’t?

Member of Parliament for Lincoln Karl McCartney said: “It’s hugely disappointing – but not at all surprising in some respects – that Lincolnshire’s County Councillors have voted against the “devolution and elected Mayor for Greater Lincolnshire” proposals”. Campaigners say would help develop transport, housing, skills-training and flood risk management schemes.

“I’ve always been very much in support of taking financial power away from the county councillors, most of whom are from the south of the county and tend to take a parochial outlook on matters wherever and whenever possible“.

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