Alex Morton Admits “presumption in favour of development’ has failed

If he and others had been more principled during their period in office and spoken out about the abject failure of the monster they created called the NPPF, then perhaps we wouldn’t have the farcical situation we now have. Developer land banks made larger, by the addition of often inappropriate sites, that remain undeveloped, while councils continue to be criticised for non- delivery.
Local politicians no doubt have much blame to shoulder, especially in those areas of the highest demand, where those with their little piece of this green and pleseant land, demand that those without, go and find theirs somewhere else and local councillors respond accordingly.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Some admission from sacked Alex Half Baked Morton one of the key architects of  the NPPF

Con Home

The sanction of the Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development is simply inadequate to get them [housebuilders] to increase output and is largely a way for developers to capture large greenfield sites (it also basically repeats a 1980s failure termed ‘planning by appeal’).

Despite the debates around Right to Buy, Starter Homes, and sale of high value assets, the most important reforms underway since 2015 were a low-key battle to reform the system so that:

  • Councils were assessed against a delivery test. Each council would be required to deliver enough homes to meet housing need.
  • Up to date local plans would move from 500 pages of verbiage and policies on everything from climate change to an ageing society, and instead focus on delivery of homes – with infrastructure, design and political engagement…

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