Gove Promises ‘Homes for All Come What May’

If Gove is elected leader of the Conservative Party and therefore becomes Prime minister and this is really followed through, it will be go against another Conservative policy he clearly did not agree with.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Goves Speech– clearly he has Gove in Mind

I am not an instinctive advocate for higher Government spending. But the evidence from the most successful start-up nations — US and Israel — is that thoughtful Government investment in science triggers a culture of innovation more widely that generates the businesses of the future…

And the role for Government in driving change in our economy doesn’t end there. We need a national ambition to build 100s of thousands of new homes a year, both private and socially-rented — led by someone who will not take no for an answer and who will push for diggers in the ground and homes for all come what may.

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