Telegraph worried war on countryside to recommence

Ever since the NPPF hit the streets, the suspicion is, that the developers have not just gained the ear of government, they’ve ‘possessed’ their souls.
Clearly, having now been given a license to build pretty much anything they like, as long as it passes building regs, the developers still want more, with those annoying Local Plans becoming their latest target.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


Campaigners fear government plans to streamline planning rules will herald a “war” on rural areas and blight the countryside with new buildings.

Brandon Lewis, the planning minister, has hired an eight strong team to “slash” the amount of time it takes for councils to set up local plans which set out where building can take place.

But half of the group have backgrounds which have involved with the construction of more homes and other buildings, prompting fears that the needs of developers will be put first.

John Howell MP – the architect of the Tory policy which underlies the new National Planning Policy Framework – is also on board as well as a former senior planning inspector.

Other members include John Rhodes, a planning consultant, Adrian Penfold, the head of planning at developers British Land, and Richard Harwood, a senior barrister who specialises in planning

Liz Peace, the former…

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