Leonora Rozee Slams Complications of Reformed Planning System

Spot on comments from somebody with a wealth of knowledge in the field. Time to learn some lessons from other European systems, including the use of zones. Even more crucial to the long term wellbeing of England, is a National Plan for England. Without a national plan, how are we ever going to understand where the best location for significant development should go, in order to rebalance the resource black hole that is London.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

A damning indictment from Leonora Rozee on how complicated the reforms of the planning system has become on Linked-In

We are rapidly reaching the stage where no-one will actually have any idea of what our English planning system is any more. (Have we already reached it?). The only sensible solution is a wholesale review from top to bottom of why we need a planning system and what it needs to comprise, with the result set out in a single Act supported by such regulations, policy and guidance as are necessary to enable all to understand it. We now have a complete mess as successive governments have fiddled and changed what is there without thinking through exactly what it is they are trying to achieve – other than the much expressed desire for a simpler system with increased community involvement! If this Government want to get rid of it completely, then be…

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