Look at all the stuff you can do online with SHDC

Just go to: http://www.sholland.gov.uk/doitonline/

Abandoned Vehicles Report an abandoned vehicle.
More information: Abandoned Vehicles – Information
Animal Fouling Report dog fouling.
More information: Dog Fouling | Dog Warden Service
Dead Animal Notification Notify us of a dead animal on the highway or publicly owned land.
More information:: Dead Animal Notification – Information
Flytipping Report flytipping.
More information: Flytipping – Information
Footway Lighting Report a fault with a footway light. Street lighting faults should be reported to Lincolnshire County Council.
More information: Street Lighting
Graffiti Report an instance of graffiti.
More information: Graffiti – Information
Street Cleaning Report a road that is in need of sweeping due to accumulation of leaves, litter, etc.
More information: Street Cleaning – Information
Litter Bin – Report Report an issue regarding a street litter bin (e.g. if a bin has been damaged or needs emptying).
More information: Street Litter Bins
Litter Bin – Request Request a litter bin for your street.
More information: Street Litter Bins
Benefits and Couuncil Tax Support
Housing Benefits Calculator and Claim form Fill out this form to see whether you may be entitled to Housing Benefit and to submit a claim if you wish. You can also use this on-line calculator and application form to apply for Council Tax Support (if applicable)
More information: Claiming Housing Benefit
Local Housing Allowance Calculator Calculate the possible amount of Housing Benefit available.
More information: Housing Benefit – Local Housing Allowance
Council Tax Support Calculator Use this calculator to see what your new entitlement might be under the Council Tax Support Scheme. Please note this Calculation should be used as a guide only.  
Refuse & Recycling
My Collections Find out your recycling and refuse collections days.
More information: Refuse and Recycling Collections
Missed Recycling Collection Report a missed recycling collection.
More information: Missed Recycling Information
Missed Refuse Collection Report a missed refuse collection.
More information: Missed Refuse Information
Business Inspection Request Request a business inspection.
More information: Food business – food safety inspection |Health and Safety at work
Industrial Unit Enquiry Express an interest in one of our industrial units.
More information: Commercial Property Lettings Advice and Allocation
Communal Repairs Report a problem on your estate or in your block.
More information: Services and communal areas
Leisure Event Bookings
Exhibition Booking at Ayscoughfee Book an exhibition at the Geest Gallery, Ayscoughfee Hall Museum.
More information: Ayscoughfee Hall Museum – Geest Gallery
Football Pitch Bookings Make a provisional football pitch booking.
Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field
Castle Playing Field
Monks House Lane
Fishpond Lane
Open Space Event Bookings Check availability and provide details of your proposed event.
Spalding Town Centre
Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field
Ayscoughfee Gardens
Castle Playing Field
Wedding at Ayscoughfee Check availability and provide details of your proposed event.
More information: Ayscoughfee Hall and Gardens – Wedding
Dangerous Structures Notification Notify us of what appear to be potentially dangerous buildings, structures, or parts of a building.
More information: Dangerous Structures Notification – Information | Open and Derelict Properties
Markets – Cleaning Report an issue regarding market cleaning.
More information: Markets – Cleaning – Information
Noise Pollution Report an issue with Noise Pollution.
More information: Noise Pollution Information
Public Conveniences Report an issue regarding a public toilet.
More information: Public Conveniences – Information
Stray Dogs Report a stray dog.
More information: Stray Dogs – Information | Dog Warden Service
Parking Fine Appeal Appeal against a parking fine.
More information: Excess Charge Dispute
Parking Season Ticket Apply to go on the waiting list for a quarterly parking season ticket.
More information: Car Park Season Tickets
Consultation Sign Up We welcome all feedback so if you would be interested in receiving surveys or taking part in any form of consultation on Council matters, then please complete the form opposite.  
eAlerts Sign up for email alerts about job vacancies.  
E-billing Interest Register your interest in the forthcoming council tax/business rates e-billing service.  
My Lincolnshire What is My Lincolnshire?  


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