Steppingstone Bridge Spalding – update

25 May 2012 – Despite several online complaints, a full council motion by SHDC and a number of letters, with the last one being special delivery to the chief executive, nothing has changed since 16 March. A phone call from them today has now promised that the work will take place on Thursday of next week.
I have also now written to Grantham Magistrates’ Court, asking for advice on how to obtain a Litter Abatement Order against Network Rail.

I will be giving further updates via Twitter at:

2 thoughts on “Steppingstone Bridge Spalding – update

    • Thanks Graham. I have been using CPRE as a guide for this, along with the cleaner highways link CPRE give. Fortunately, I was not forced to go to court (this time). The hardest bit up to now, has actually been getting the info from the court about how to actually submit the complaint and what the fee is.


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