Kids who want something for nothing

Who exactly are these people who are mud slinging at Tesco about the fact that they aren’t paying kids on work experience minimum wage? I personally have little time for Tesco with their always ruthless and sometimes brutal treatment of their suppliers. However, criticising them for offering workplace experience to kids with little or no ability (why else would they be there?) is out of order.
During my time in the RAF, I had dozens of kids come through my workshops and none of them were paid. Even when they had become reasonably competent at some of the simpler task, they were still fully supervised and therefore technically non-productive. In other words they were a liability, something that took resource and contributed little to the bottom line.
No doubt these people who are feeling so aggrieved and the people goading them on from the sidelines, are yet another product of the, ‘I want it all and I want it now’, society we have created. They think they deserve to be rewarded just for turning up and don’t see the need to spend any time learning how to ‘work’ at their own expense.
The government should tell these people to shut up and get on with it, or loose the handouts they are receiving. I would not blame Tesco, Argos and any of the other companies involved, for saying stuff this, find somewhere else to dump these kids you’re trying to get off of the streets!

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