The Lords are clearly out of touch

I personally resent the efforts being made by certain parties in the House of Lords, to derail the proposal to cap the maximum level of benefits that can be claimed. Not because I resent people getting the money they need to live a descent life, but because of the suggestion that those who claim benefits somehow deserve a better standard of living than those who get their money by working. How can anybody argue the opposite, even a well-heeled, out of touch member of the House of Lords?

What is bad news and really does cause me concern, is that people will be required to give up their homes because they can no longer afford the rent. How have we got into a position whereby people are forced to chose between living and working in a city centre and only working in that city centre? Pricing the working classes out of city centres is called gentrification – a nice sounding name for such an uncivilised process.

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