Equality is important, PC is just plain daft

Having made it taboo to talk of black sheep, black balling, or even black looks, we are now being told that witches hats should be pink and not black!

Also, apparently giving children white paper to use in the classroom, is also to be discouraged, as this too, has the potential to turn our children into racists.  No doubt if we gave the kids black paper and white ink, this would be wrong, because it would be putting white on top of black!  Where does this sort of mumbo jumbo stop?  We’re also told that teachers should lie to pupils when asked what their favourite colour is, by saying brown or black!  So, even if you don’t say that white is your favourite colour, saying it’s blue, could also make the kids racist.

Just as the homosexual community highjacked the word gay, making it wrong to use it in any other way than as decreed by the PC brigade, the colour black has been ring-fenced and claimed as only applicable to one thing – those that have skin that isn’t white, yellow or red.  I’m not going to get into a debate about whether anybody does in fact actually has genuinely black skin.

Having dealt with the witches, I suppose it’s only a matter  of time before the PC brigade turn their attention to the undertakers.  I wonder what colour they will want them to wear instead of black?  White’s no good, according to the PC brigade, that would send the same message as giving kids white paper to write on.  With pink taken by the witches, I supposes they’ll have to make do with a nice shade of purple.

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