Politicians – don’t look for easy answers

I hope MPs don’t return to Parliament on Thursday and talk themselves into thinking there are any easy answers as to why the recent nation wide criminal behaviour took place.

Convincing themselves that this was about cuts in public funding, or the increase in tuition fees, will be cowardly cop out. The non-citizens, otherwise known collectively as rioters, yobs, thugs, morons, etc, have no cause other than themselves. Naked greed, opportunistic theft and mindless violence are the only reasons these feral youths were on our streets and it is this terrifying attitude to the world they live in that needs to be examined in depth.

As well as dragging the kids through the system, the authorities need to grasp the parents firmly by the scruff of neck and walk them through the system at the same time. Any parent who has no idea where their early teen child is at 2 am in the morning, is just as guilty of a crime as the child that commits it.

Philip Johnston, in today’s Daily Telegraph says it all so much better than I can and should be required reading for our decision makers before they ponder these issues on Thursday. They should also take note of the need to give the police their b**ls back by allowing them to be a force and not a service.

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