LibDems cry foul – bo-hoo!

I see the LibDems are now starting their whining and whingeing in the wake of the No to AV victory.

In an interview, Mr Cable said: “Some of us never had many illusions about the Conservatives, but they have emerged as ruthless, calculating and thoroughly tribal, but that doesn’t mean to say we can’t work with them.”

Well if it’s name calling Mr Cable wants, then my experience of fighting LibDems is that they are lazy, duplicitous and underhand.

The lazy bit is not that they don’t get out and about, nor that they don’t put out the paper.  No, it’s that they use ill-informed moaning from local supporters, combined with whatever they can pick up in the local press, to construct half-baked comments and vague promises, instead of doing their homework and getting to the facts of the matter.

So there Mr Cable, put that in your pipe and smoke it!, as my dear old mum used to say.

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