Spalding Flower Parade – Brill!

Spalding hosted a great day, with the flower parade still bringing in the crowds. Very lucky with the weather, given that they were forecasting rain. Very windy later on and a bit cold out of the sun, but it stayed dry for all the visitors, which is always a bonus.
Less dancers and childrens’ groups this year, but more floats, all of which were real works of art and a great credit to those who sponsored them and those who spent so mach time building them. The carnival dancers were certainly popular, not just because their costumes were so colourful, but also because there wasn’t a lot of them in some cases (costumers not dancers!).
Kenyon seem to have done a great job getting sponsors and considering that this was their first year, a great job of organising it. Lincolnshire County Council also did a good job providing the bulk of the funding – thank you!
Well done to the Sage Restaurant in the Red Lion Quarter. Food was excellent and the students did a great job serving and waiting tables.
Looking forward to next year already!

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