Rural rail fares are a scandal

Just after Christmas I dropped a couple of Christmas visitors off at Spalding railway station so that they could go in to Peterborough.  The fare for 2 people, one-way, £13!

Driving distance to Peterborough 20 miles.  Average miles per gallon on a modern car to be 35mpg, call it 30mpg to allow for stop start traffic once you are in town.  Petrol is currently £1.25 a litre so that’s about £5.70 to cover 30 miles.  Even if you then add on £5 for parking, making it a total of £10.70, you still don’t get close to the excessive cost of £13 for 2 people to travel 20 miles by train.  Travelling by car, a family of 4 would be quids in!

Is it any wonder our roads are becoming more and more congested?  Worse still, we have yet to see what happens when rail fares increase by another 6.2% in the New Year!

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